Jan’s Internet Kick Off-Day Three

Posted by Jan Pavis on January 31, 2014 in 1st Annual Kick Off, Jan's Internet Kick Off, Motivation/Inspiration

January is about to end and I have a good start on my kick off with a new blog design for Jan’s Group Home Support.  My son, Rob Schmuck and I spent the afternoon together brainstorming on various projects.  During the exchange of ideas we came up with a new logo also. You can go to Jan’s Group Home Support to see what we came up with.

Brainstorming to Get Motivated

There is something about brainstorming that get ideas flowing and motivation activated.  It can be done alone or with others who are familiar with your Internet projects but those who are not can offer some fresh ideas that are not weighed down or limited by experience. Make the time productive by writing down ideas and thoughts as they come.  They can be organized and prioritized at a later time.

Capturing an Outpouring of Ideas

Sitting around brainstorming can produce a lot of material but it isn’t the only time. Once the ideas are presented they may be revisited at a later time.  To make sure the ideas are not lost a small notepad on hand at all times will be necessary. I found myself with an overflowing pile of scrap papers, napkins, and pieces off all kinds of paper that held ideas to use in the future.  It is much easier to carry a notebook! I like to add the date that the ideas come to me.

Make a Plan and Set Goals

I took the ideas I had and typed up a list. There are some things that I need my son’s expertise for so I have those highlighted. I made a bullet list using little shadowed boxes for bullets so I could check them off as they are completed. Some have a target date.

Well here I go into February to see what I can get done!




Jan’s Internet Kick Off-Day Two

Posted by Jan Pavis on January 30, 2014 in 1st Annual Kick Off, Jan's Internet Kick Off

Yesterday was productive and am praying today will follow! I was have plans and have chosen the projects that will be nurtured during this challenge.

One important task that that I will do is to get information backed up and start the slow process of organization. In addition to backing up blogs and websites I also want to combine all the information from several external drives to one large one.

I am excited to see the results I will get spending time on my Internet projects.


Jan’s Internet Kick Off-Day One

Posted by Jan Pavis on January 29, 2014 in 1st Annual Kick Off, Jan's Internet Kick Off, Organizing, Projects

I am taking my days off from my wage earning job back to back and added a few vacation days to have a solid block of time for an Internet Kick Off. It is by chance that the Super Bowl Game is in the middle of my week off! I think I will make this an annual event. Even if next year my Internet projects are doing well, some extra attention will assure they keep doing well.

The Definition of Kick Off

The word kick during football season, especially right before Super Bowl Sunday,  often means only one thing….FOOTBALL! But rest of the time, this offintransitive verb can mean more. Here are the definitions and how they relate to my Internet Kick Off:
  • 1:  to start or resume play in football by a placekick-There will be no football in my office but I will be resuming taking care of my Internet projects.
  • 2a :  to initiate proceedings -I  am initiating getting back to working on my Internet projects.
  • 2b :  to start out :  begin-This is definitely a beginning as I look over my blogs and see how long it has been since I posted!
  • 3slang :  die transitive verb:  to mark the beginning of-Well there will be no “marking” like the animal kingdom does but today does mark the beginning.

Now that I have defined how I will make this really be a kick off it is time to begin.

The Plan for Jan

I started out fasting from two meals so that I could pray for my kick off. It is good for my health and my spirit! There are many instances in the Bible how a fast was followed with a breakthrough. After all the years I have been doing this, I am ready for a breakthrough. Here are a few things on my list:
  • Inventory what I do have
  • Brainstorm
  • Create and use system to track projects
  • Identify areas of focus
  • Writing plans

Keeping better track of things will prevent blogs, sites, ideas, and domains from falling between the cracks.

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